What Parents Should Know



1. Northern Huaxia Chinese School is owned by all registered families and operated by volunteer parents. It is governed by the school Board, Administrative Committee and PTA. Parent’s support & cooperation is vital to the success of our school.

2. All parents should closely observe their child’s progress, positively stimulate them when it comes to learning Chinese. Keep active and close contact with their teachers.

3. Parents are required to encourage and assist their children to follow the school policies, rules and regulations and be role models for their children by following all the policies, rules and regulations. It’s prohibited to shout, fight or quarrel on the school property.

4. Parents should respect for the class arrangements, and any disagreement or concern should be brought to the Administrative Committee directly.

5. Parents should not sit in the classroom without the teacher’s permission, except they are class parents.

6. Parents are required to be considerate and avoid any behaviors inside or outside of the classroom that may interrupt the class.

7. All the parents should be clear about their children’s homework assignments, the teacher’s special request and any school announcement that their children have brought home, and make sure that their children have completed all assignments on time.

8. Classroom cleaning will be taken care of by volunteer students, but however, family duties such as supervising entrance & hallways, keeping the whole property quiet during class, and supporting various school activities will be done by parents on duty.

9. Parents should report to PTA or school staff immediately if an injury occurs. The liability insurance purchased by the School covers registered students only, but not the unregistered family members and parents should purchase their own insurance accordingly if they want to.

10. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in school meetings, seminars and open house, and provide any constructive suggestions or recommendations to the Administrative Committee.

11. Parents should have respect to the properties of the school or teachers, and should be responsible for any damages to those properties caused by them or their children. 

12. Parents are required to observe the parking rules and regulations when they need to park around the school property.

13. Parents are required to check the e-mails or visit the school’s website for the latest school announcement before they come to school on Saturday.