Rules for Students



Students Guidlines

1. All students are required to be in class on time. A written note or verbal notification by the parent/guardian is required for any absence, late arrival or early leaving of the student.

2. Students should respect the teacher and class rules, sit up attentively at his/her seat in the assigned classroom when class is going on, and obtain the teacher’s permission before leaving the classroom during class when necessary.

3. The class will be dismissed only after the teacher has announced it to the class. Students should know that the teacher will handle any student misconduct regarding common problems. However, some cases will be brought to the school Administrative Committee, and might result in a parent-teacher or parent-school conference to resolve the issue. In a serious case, suspension or exclusion from school may be needed and applied.

4. Students are required to complete all homework in a timely manner, and participate in the tests and exams arranged by the teacher and/or school. All the work missed while the student is absent from school must be made up.

5. No food and drinks are permitted in any room or hallway except the school cafeteria.

6. It is prohibited for students to use, remove, or replace any school property or teacher’s personal belongings, including but not limited to computers, teaching materials, books, photos, etc. And full restitution by the parent/guardian is required for all damage done to school property by their child.

7. it’s forbidden to enter an unoccupied classroom or go through any emergency entrance/exit without the school’s permission except during emergency.

8. Students are required to help maintain the cleanness of the classrooms, hallways, and any other spaces we might use in the school. Any vandalism to the school property is strictly prohibited, and the violator will be subject to fines.

9. Do not touch the fire alarm trigger or call 911 if there is not any emergency. The parents will pay the fine for 911 or fire truck service their child has caused.

10. Students are responsible for their personal belongings, and the School is not responsible for any loss and damage of such personal items.

11. Constructive suggestions or recommendations to teachers and the school are always welcome.

12. All students are expected to dress appropriately at all times in school.

Northern NJ Huaxia Chinese School

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