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Friday May 09 2014 | Issue 392

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At 2014 Huaxia Track & Field Games
2014 Huaxia Track & Field Games was successfully held in Painsboro High School on Sunday, May 5, 2014.
The weather was not favorable according to the forecast, and the actual condition onsite was even worse because of the 18 mile/hour wind. However, most of our registered athletes and their families reported to the games except those who had encountered unexpected issues at home.
The required time to arrive by the organizing committee was 8:00am, which was obviously too early for us because the driving time would be an hour and half, plus some time for preparing their food before leaving. Nevertheless, many of our families arrived on time, Chairman Steve Chen and his family got there even earlier. And our PTA Member, the Captain of our team Chunmeng Lu arrived with his young son Zhaoguang Lu in time to get everything ready for the games. Some families even went with their babies in stroller. Everybody was short of sleep that day, but they showed a lot of enthusiasm to the games, and strong support to the activities we were supposed to attend.
Participation is more important than competition, and all our athletes were serious and tried hard. In spite of his age, Ming Li has, again, attended the 1500m run among other younger guys. Our school is one of the smallest in Huaxia family, but our attendants in the marching in ceremony were no fewer than others. Some sister school offered to combine with our school in the tug-of-war, but our members would rather have our own team. Our people didn’t care about the winning or losing, but would like to show the spirit of our branch; Our boy’s 4X100m relay group had one runner absent, but the other three didn’t want to give up. In order to save the game, Delbert Cai, who is several years younger, volunteered to run with them in the elder group; The Deep sisters Christine and Lauren had got very exhausted after the final competition of the 100m dash, but they insisted on running in the girl’s 4X100m relay, the game they had attended in the last several consecutively years.
After winning in the chess contest last year, Eric Song has won the 2nd place in boy’s 100m dash, besides attending the 4X100m relay. Eric is very active in many fields of sports.
The Games has also provided a very good opportunity for member families to meet and chat, and for the kids to play together besides competition. Lunch at the games had turned out to be a potluck event. Many people had brought homemade specialty food to share with others, and at top of the list are Hongyu Ouyang, Sheng Liu, Sunny Zheng and Xinxin Jiang, whose “products” had all received high appraisal from the food lovers. The food was cooked with different flavors, but the tasting of the different delicious authentic local food had left me some common feelings – love and support to our school, and friendship to other Huaxia members.
Despite of the coldness in the morning, every attendant had a wonderful time, and the kids, especially, will have some sweet and meaningful memories of the Games, and memories of the day.


RedSq 2014 华夏田径运动会

2014 Huaxia Track and Field Sports Photos ( 2014 华夏田径运动会集锦).

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